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Uniting the Entrepreneur and the Alpha Male as One= “The ALPHA PRENEUR”. Convos With Cosmo is the worlds foremost authority on “Alpha Preneurism”. It is an Open Conversation on what it means to be an Alpha Preneur (an ALPHA male/female ENTREPRENEUR). I examine Alphahood in an Educational and Entertaining way....EDUTAINMENT. However, I do so in a NO nonsense approach; Were waging war against Bitchassness, Beta-Males, Complainers and Blamers, Purposeless and Pussy Whipped Men. And anything else that would keep a Man from walking in his complete and full masculinity. Mission Statement: For the absolute annihilation and reformation away from Bitchassness behavior; And for the complete and total reclamation of Alphahood.
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Apr 23, 2016

The Inaugural Show

Convos With Cosmo Introduction to the World. Cosmo's very first show as a Radio Host.

Today You Learn The Necessary Steps Needed To Take The Leap Into Whatever Endeavor You Are Currently Planning or Are Considering Taking.

Not only that, I demonstrate them by recording this episode without having all of my ducks in a row, knowing very little about having a radio show, and still taking the leap.

The 3 Principles are:

1. Respecting the Process
2. Taking The Leap
3. Realizing That You Are Not Responsible For The Results

April 22, 2016